Castaway 2


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Castaway 2 - Game Description

Castaway 2 Map
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Crafting Guide


Outcome First Item(s) Second Item(s)
Shank Iron Hide
Wooden Sword 3X Wood Iron Ore
Titan Scimitar Scimitar Sapphire Globe
Dartanian Sword Piercer Emerald Globe
Scholar Soccer’s Sapphire Regal Sword
Nail Bat Iron Ignot Timber Wood
Vindicator Club Nail Bat Iron Globe
Apprentice Wand Stick Sapphire Shard
Imp Branche Apprentice Wand Gaea Seed
Trusty Dagger Rusty Dagger Alkahest
Assassin Dagger Trusty Dagger Ruby Shard
Staff of the Magi Seal of Magi Wizard’s Rod
Widow Claw Fachata Ruby Globe
Razor Sword Wooden Sword 5X Iron Globe
Paladin’s Mace* Peace Batton Angel’s Tear
Morning Star* Paladin’s Mace Vindicator
Deadwood Staff* Imp Staff Necromancer’s Heart
Cursed Kris Dagger Gorgon Blood
Regal Sword Militia Sword Leather


Outcome First Item(s) Second Item(s)
5X Gold Ninja Stars Gold Ore Alkahest
5X Ninja Stars Iron Ore Alkahest
5X Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby Dart Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby Shard Alkahest
Shuriken Iron Alkahest

Armors / Shields

Outcome First Item(s) Second Item(s)
Beetle Shield 3X Animal Hide 3X Animal Shell
Round Shield Wooden Shield Iron Ignot
Warrior’s Shield Knight’s Memento Round Shield
Plate Chest Armor Plate Leather Chest Armor
Plate Helmet Leather Helmet Plate
Blast Shield Iron Globe Warrior’s Shield
Golem Armor Leather Armor Golem Talisman
Minotaur Armor Golem Armor Minotaur Talisman
Paladin Armor Old Guard Armor Knight Talisman (Mage)
Saint Armor Paladin Armor Saint Talisman (Mage)
Beetle God’s Shield* Blast Shield Beetle God Icon
Plate Armor Leather Armor Plate
Plate Sleeves Leather Sleeves Plate
Plate Leggings Leather Leggings Plate
Minotaur Chest Armor Golem Armor Minotaur Talisman

Crafting Resources

Plate 3X Shell 3X Shell
Solid Scale 3X Plate Alkahest
Iron Ignot 3X Ore 3X Ore
Iron Globe 3X Iron Ignot Alkahest
Timber 3X Wood 3X Wood
Sturdy Lumber 3X Timber Alkahest
Leather 3X Hide 3X Hide
Treated Leather 3X Leather Alkahest
Alkahest Antidote Small Healing Potion
Emerald 3X Emerald Shard 3X Emerald Shard
Sapphire 3X Sapphire Shard 3X Sapphire Shard
Ruby 3X Ruby Shard 3X Ruby Shard
Emerald Globe 3X Emerald Alkahest
Sapphire Globe 3X Sapphire Alkahest
Ruby Globe 3X Ruby Alkahest
Gold Ignot 3X Gold Ore 3X Gold Ore
Gold Globe 3X Gold Ignot Alkahest
Sturdy Lumber 3X Lumber Alkahest
Deadwood Imp Branche Necromancer’s Heart


Small Healing Potion 3X Healing Herb Empty Bottle
Medium Healing Potion 6X Healing Herb Empty Bottle
Large Healing Potion 12X Healing Herb Empty Bottle
Small Mana Potion 3X Mana Herb Empty Bottle
Medium Mana Potion 6X Mana Herb Empty Bottle
Large Mana Potion 12X Mana Herb Empty Bottle
Small Berry Potion 3X Teras Berrie Empty Bottle
Medium Berry Potion 6X Teras Berrie Empty Bottle
Large Berry Potion 12X Teras Berrie Empty Bottle
Ambrosia Large Health Potion Large Mana Potion
Panacea 5X Antidote Medium Health Potion

*Need to be crafted at a Forge!

Nymphs: Old Knights Memento + Round Shield = Warrior’s Shield

Mnemosyne: Sorcerer’s Sapphire + Regal Sword = Scholar Sword
Phoebe: Seal of Magi + Wizard Rod = Staff of Magi
Theia: Gorgon’s Blood + Rusted Dagger = Cursed Kris
Tethys: Angel’s Tear + Peace Baton = Paladin Mace
Rhea: Vindicator + Paladin Mace = Morning Star
Forgotten: Beetle God Essence + Blast Shield = Beetle God Shield
Themis: Necromancer Heart + Imp Branch = Deadwood Staff