10 the Best Idle Games on Mobile

Idle games are very popular today. Millions of people play them daily on various devices. Owing to the tremendous popularity of mobile games, many reputable developers produce the most popular idle games for smartphones and tablets. We have thoroughly surfed the Web and picked top the 10 idle games for mobile gaming.

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia

This is an amazing idle game developed by My.com BV. It is admired by gamers worldwide. Your main task is to tap on the screen to destroy all the enemies on the other side. The game features plenty of weapons and playmates.

Farm and Click – Idle Farming Clicker

It is not an ordinary and dull farming game. You will get a lot of amazing features, including the opportunity to invent your own design of buildings and houses. In addition, you can plant seeds, grow tomatoes, corn, etc.

Juggernaut Champions

When the enemy is countless and unpredictable, we cannot do without a brave team of Juggernaut Champions! Among other games, this one is especially distinguished by its great design and wonderful graphics.

Bud Farm Idle – Growing Tycoon Weed Farm

In this game, you grow your crop of weeds and then use it for profit. Each of these weeds provides you with an extra source of passive revenue. To succeed, you need to click constantly.

Clicker Heroes

It is one of the most widespread idle game titles. The goal of Clicker Heroes is to destroy giant bosses using various skills, collect cash from defeated opponents, and upgrade heroes to increase power.

Money Tree – Idle Tap Clicker

In this game, you can gain income just by tapping on a tree. You can use it for buying upgrades for the game. It will allow increasing the money you earn.


It is a strategy game based on the game mechanics of a classic clicker. The gameplay of CivCrafter is accompanied by calm medieval music. It is one of the best clickers for iOS/Android devices.

AdVenture Capitalist

Just like in any other clicker game, you must keep tapping the screen. This simple click will bring you money. When you earn enough money, you’ll become a capitalist in the end.

Tap Titans 2

This idle game for iOS/Android features plenty of heroes, a huge number of monsters, and a lot of development opportunities. You can try out a new strategy to exterminate thousands of monsters every day.

Tap Tycoon

It is one of the best clicker games for mobile. The player must constantly click on the screen to create money. The hero of the game runs and picks up the money, which can be used to build various buildings.

So, what is your next step? It is quite obvious. If you are a true fan of idle games, select one from our list and enjoy it on your smartphone or tablet. You can try various idle games and make your list and share it with us.