5 Advice on How to Overclock a Flash Game

Gamers often use various tips to overclock games. If you are generally satisfied with the quality of the graphics and the game’s speed after loading the levels, you do not need to do anything else. Just enjoy the game. But if the opposite is true and games take a long time to load, we have selected some useful recommendations for you. Continue with the article to get more details on how to overclock your favorite flash game.

Change computer hard drive

If you like to download modern flash games and are not concerned about the immense amount of memory on your PC, it is best to replace the standard hard drive with a newer SSD. This will allow you to deal with the problem of how to speed up the installation of games and increase the performance of your PC. If you are looking for a way to overclock the installation of flash games, a really high-quality and productive hard drive must be installed on your computer.

Defragment your drive

All files saved to the hard drive are stored in parts. Time passes, and there are too many of these parts scattered throughout the system. It becomes difficult for the computer to assemble them into one part, thereby reducing performance. To prevent this, you need to defragment your hard drive regularly. Both third-party utilities and built-in system utilities will help.

Set up your graphics card

Another way to overclock flash games on your PC is like the following. You need to change your graphics card settings and make it run at maximum performance. As you know, the default settings do not always provide optimal settings for each user. Naturally, if you have a new powerful PC, it makes no sense for you to change something. And if not, you need to google the newest drivers for your graphics card and reinstall them.


A small amount of RAM is also a common reason why flash games take a long time to run on a computer. The problem is often the lack of RAM on the computer. Therefore, you can install additional memory boards or replace existing ones.

Clean your device of junk files

To overclock flash games, you need to clean your computer of all kinds of junk files. In principle, this procedure is quite important. It often happens that your device is simply littered with all sorts of junk. In such cases, programs like CCleaner, Razer Game Booster, or Game Gain will help. They conduct a full analysis of your device and erase all unnecessary data. Thus, you will increase the performance of your device and free up space on the hard drive.


Now, you know the top 5 tips on how to overclock flash games on your PC. You can use them to perform this process quicker and more successfully. If you have some other recommendations on this issue, please feel free to share them with us and our readers.